9/8 Announcements

Hey Swing Club!

Thanks to everyone who came out to the interest meeting! We’re really excited for the upcoming semester!


Swing Lesson AFC Room 1 (downstairs)

Intermediate 9:15-10:00 Review! We will be going over everything you should know if you want to take the intermediate lessons this semester! We will be reviewing East Coast, Charleston, and Lindy Hop. IF YOU ARE WONDERING WHETHER OR NOT YOU SHOULD BE TAKING INTERMEDIATE LESSONS, COME TO THIS LESSON!!!

Beginner 10:00-10:45 East Coast 1! Come learn the basics of swing! No experience or partner needed.

Social Dance 10:45-11:30 Social Dance – Practice what you’ve learned!

Check out our website for a lesson schedule and more! http://swinguva.wordpress.com/lesson-schedule-3/

Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uvaswingclub/

YouTube: It has lesson reviews from previous years and soon will have this years! It’s a great resource!


Swing Out,


4/15 Announcements

Hey Swing Cats!

We’re almost at the end of the semester, so come de-stress and dance!

Scroll down for information on DCLX (registration closes Wednesday!) and our SPRING SEMIFORMAL!

This week’s lessons are SUPER EXCITING!

Monday Swing Lesson AFC Room 4

Intermediate 8:15-9:15 Footwork variations! Come learn some super fun variations to add to your swingouts! Seriously guys. These are the best.

Beginner 9:15-10:15 Dips and tricks! Come learn some exciting and flashy moves to add to your dancing!

Social Dance 10:15-11:30 Social Dance – Practice what you’ve learned!

DC Lindy Exchange: Thursday April 18th-Sunday April 21st 2013 (REGISTRATION CLOSES THIS WEDNESDAY!)

What: Held in the DC Metro Area, this annual event is tons of fun! LIVE BANDS. HUNDREDS OF DANCERS. 4 straight days of dancing! See schedule here: http://dclx.net/logistics/schedule2013/
also see info about the LIVE MUSIC  http://dclx.net/bands2013/

Housing/Carpooling: If you need housing, many of our members are from DC/NOVA and you can crash with one of us Nova Kids! And Carpool with us too!

Cost: The LOW PRICE of $72 if  you use the Special UVA Discount Code (for UVA swing club members ONLY): CLGE2013. Sign up now, since discount code can only work a limited number of times before they run out!!!  Normally its $80.  Usually a Live music dance is 15 or even 20 dollars! So  80 is a great deal for SEVEN LIVE BANDS + DJ’d dances!

You will save $$ if you register ahead of time instead of coming to each dance at the door! Unless you just decide to go to a couple of the dances– then you can pay at each separately at the door for about $20 each.

Newcomb Ballroom

7:00PM-8:00 PM  Beginner Lesson, Free with Admission
8:00 PM-11:00 PM Dance to the Boilermaker Jazz Band!
11:30PM -Beyond Late Night
If you’re interested in volunteering, and getting FREE ADMISSION, please email Kiara! yk4dq@virginia.edu

Start telling your friends!!! NOW :)

Here’s the link to the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/558041897554135/?fref=ts

This is a super fun swing weekend that is held RIGHT HERE in Charlottesville!!
Registration starts tonight! Early bird registration is only $80!
The best Lindy Hop workshops in Charlottesville! http://www.lindustrialrevolution.com/
Check out what’s in store for you:
Michael Gamble & Jaya Dorf
Mike Roberts & Laura Glaess
The Solomon Douglas Sextet
Sac Au Lait
Four levels of workshops
Jack & Jill Competition
Steampunk Costume Contest
Labor Day BBQ on Sunday
3 Late Night Dances!
& much, much more!

As always, check out our website for a lesson schedule and more! http://swinguva.wordpress.com/lesson-schedule-3/

Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/uvaswingclub/

YouTube: It has lesson reviews from previous years and soon will have this years! It’s a great resource!




3/4 Announcements !

The Monday 3/18 when we get back from Spring Break we’re going to hold elections! If you want to run, please send me a small blurb about why you think you would do a good job by Sunday March 10th. I’ll send the blurb out to the club over spring break and we’ll vote Monday 3/18/13! You may also send a photo if you wish. Scroll to bottom to see descriptions of each position and contact info for all current officers (ask them questions!).ALL positions are open to anyone!! 
Any paid member is encouraged to run! You don’t need to be an instructor or an “experienced” dancer to run! All you need is to be passionate about swing club! Your duties are to attend a bi-weekly meeting (less than an hour long)! We on Swing Council help organize dances, social events, and our weekly lessons! Please email me if you have questions!

Tonight! Lindy Hop Part I in Beginner! Tandem Charleston Part I for Intermediate!

Hi Swing Cats!

Hope you all had fun at the Dance and workshops! Here’s another week of Dancing coming right at ya! As always, feel free to ask us about CARPOOLING to events.
We have a full week of Dancing!
Monday: Weekly UVA Swing lesson: OMG, WE’RE STARTING LINDY HOP IN BEGINNER LESSON! Also, intermediates = TANDEM Charleston
WednesdaySwing Cville DownTown (ask about the CARPOOL)
Thursday: Weekly UVA Blues Lesson

Kate will be collecting dues at lessons. Only $15 for the entire year!!

Come to Blues Tonight!!

Once again, there will be blues dancing tonight from 9:30-11:30 in the AFC. If you have not yet been, now is the perfect time to show up, as what we will be teaching today has nothing to do with what we have covered in the past 2 weeks. So
9:30-10:30: Intro to Jukin’: Last week we covered ballroomin’, which is done primarily to slow jazz. This week, we are covering music that lies on the other end of the spectrum. Sharp, rhythmic, jukin’ blues is my personal favorite style of dance because of the freedom of expression given to both partners.
10:30-11:30: Social Dancing: Stay and dance for a while. This week, I’ll be playing mostly jukin’ music so that you can practice what you learn in class.
Come out and dance with me. 




2:30PM- 3:15 PM in the AFC multipurpose room 4 

You’ll learn some essential jazz steps that we use in solo AND partner dancing all them time! Plus, these routines are done all the time, not just here, but everywhere! You’ll be able to dance this wherever you go swing dancing! RSVP on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/events/158732767610007/?fref=ts

This Sunday is the Shim Sham!!! As one dancer said “It’s like the electric slide of the swing dance world”. Basically EVERYONE knows it :) Finally we’ll teach a solo Charleston routine!
2/24 The Shim Sham 
3/3 Solo Charleston Routine!
AFC, Multipurpose Room 4


Monday Swing Lesson 2-18, AFC, MP4

Intermediate Lesson 8:15-9:15PM
Dancing with musicality: We’ll learn how to listen to the music and match our movements to it! Learn some cool stylizations and tricks that will make you look like a pro!
Beginner Lesson 9:15PM-10:15
20′s style Charleston!!! It’s okay if you missed part 1 and 2! This is a slightly different kind than the 30′s style Charleston we’ve been learning in part I and part 2, so it’s a great time to bring brand new friends to learn to dance! It’s the Perfect for brand new beginners without any experience in dance at all! No partner nor experience needed! Remember 2 free lesson deal still applies all throughout the year!!
Social Dance 10:15-11:15 PM Practice what you learned and hang out with us!
Hang out at Crossroads 11:15PM-??
After lessons we usually hang out for crossroads for a bit, eat snacks, and get to know each other!

Wednesday Cat’s Corner Lessons and Social Dance


We’re getting a group together to come down to Cat’s Corner this Wednesday. We can all catch the trolley together or carpool! Please contact Kiara Kim <yk4dq@virginia.edu> if you wish to come along! 
7:00 – 8:00 PM Intermediate Lesson: Clean up your swing out! Work on the basics of the swing out and how to make the footwork and feel of the swing out even better! (Claire and Brian will be teaching!)
8:00 – 9:00 PM Beginner Lesson : Lead and Follow technique! Work on the techniques that will make you an even better dancer!
9:00 – 10:30 PM Social Dancing
Location: “The Glass Building” downtown
(Same building as “Bluegrass Bakery and Grill”)
313 2nd St. SE, Suite 108
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Cost:$5 for lessons and social dance

Saturday 2/23 Tandem Charleston Workshops and Dance!!!


You do NOT want to miss out! We have some special guest teachers from Richmond coming to do a workshop on TANDEM CHARLESTON!! Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be ready to take Tandem since we already did three weeks of charleston!! Please let Kiara  yk4dq@virginia.edu know if you want us to carpool you!
5-7pm – Tandem Charleston with John & Ruth
7:30pm – Beginner lesson
8:30-11:30pm – Cville Savoy dance with DJ John Ennis
Midnight – The Afterparty!

Student Pricing:
$7 for the workshop 
$7 for the dance 
$12 for both! 

Oddfellow’s Monticello Lodge
Upstairs above Market St Market
116 4th St NE
Charlottesville, VA